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How Do You Treat Yo’ Self? On Nails and Other Guilty Pleasures.

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Everyone has a thing. You know, a thing you always do that makes you feel better, without fail. It might be superficial, but sometimes these things have an overall effect on how we feel and approach life. It’s just for you—not anybody else. Maybe it’s getting eyelash extensions. Maybe it’s getting your hair done, or having a massage. Maybe it’s dressing nicely, or wearing the pair of stilettos that makes you feel like you can take on the world—whether they’re a thrift store find or $1,100 Manolos.

My thing is having my nails done. Yes, I know it’s completely unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the little luxury I like to treat myself to every month. For one hour, I just relax and get my “nails did.” It’s a small price to pay for something that makes me feel good, and that I appreciate for the rest of the month.

I get asked where I go a lot, and I always happily recommend the salon I go to: Esnail Calgary.

The ladies there are the nicest, and they always do a very careful job. I usually get the “powder gel” (which is technically still acrylic, according to most nail technicians). I can never remember their prices, so I picked up a price list last time to share with everyone below (prices subject to change). They can get pretty busy on certain days, so be sure to call and book an appointment ahead of time.

Check out Esnail Calgary’s prices, service menu, and some of their handiwork on Instagram!

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