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Guest Blog #2: Songs for the Journey, Not the Destination

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So, my topic this month for the Live Out There Blog was “music that inspires you to get out there.” Music has always been a huge part of my life, in addition to—and in conjunction with—travelling. There are certain songs that make me feel like I’m almost going back in time to the start of certain adventures. The early morning cheese wagon to Kananaskis Country in high school, for our Outdoor Education class trips. Tossing a jumble of snowboard boots, poles and skis into the back of my SUV for a late night, last-minute road trip to Fernie. Stepping off a plane onto sun-baked tarmac, with everything I needed for the next 10 weeks strapped to my back. Fingers pressed to the window of a Cessna 172, eagerly awaiting landing in the lush green territory below (see photo above).

The beginning of every adventure is marked by that feeling of pure wonder and excitement. Even if, I find, it’s a place that’s not necessarily new to you. Sometimes, simply “getting out there” is enough to stir up that breathless, fired up, let’s-do-this feeling.

Although every journey is a little different, I’ve done my best to put together a playlist that can be enjoyed by almost everybody. Check out the full post, and listen to the playlist, by clicking through to the Live Out There Blog below!

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The Live Out There Blog: “Getting Out There: Songs for the Journey, Not the Destination”

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