About Me

I started this blog as a creative outlet…

…and as a way to express myself. In real life, I can appear to be a girl of few words. In contrast, I’m secretly bursting at the seams with ideas, passions, and a general curiosity about how the world works. I’m just not outspoken about it—I’ve always been more of an observer and philosopher. I had been feeling an itch to start writing again for awhile, so I finally cracked down on my little project over the winter holiday of 2015, single-mindedly dedicating myself to creating this entire blog in the space of just five short days.

It took some courage to go through with this endeavour, since my appreciation for good literature means I can also be quite critical of my own writing. So, to share this side of me is to share something I consider a small piece of myself…and as a self-confessed private person, that’s no small feat. After a long debate over what to name the blog—and keeping in mind that a good domain name is hard to come by—I settled on The Keay. I wanted something that would be timeless, distinctive, and simple; able to define the blog without being too limiting.

And, if not, it’s just a name anyways. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


Fun Facts

  • My dream job is travel blogging, writing for Esquire, or professional ramen tasting. Kidding about that last one. Although, if that could be a real job, I would gladly take on it.
  • A few of my bucket list items include: attending an NFL game (11/26/17), learning German (and Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portueguese…), visiting North Korea, getting published (11/1/19), getting published in The New York Times or The Paris Review, revisiting Tokyo (12/23/19), and running my own business.
  • I’m an INTJ (if you believe in that stuff).
  • My love language (expressing) is giving gifts, and (receiving) quality time/acts of service.
  • I’m most curious about space.