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On the Road to: Coachella!

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I had been anxiously waiting for the day passes went on sale, having booked my flights and accommodations well ahead of time. I had managed to get relatively inexpensive flights (~$380 round-trip) during a WestJet seat sale in December. Although I could have waited to see if they dropped any lower, I didn’t want to risk it since I’d heard that prices can jump in January (Google Flights says the best deal is about $460 as of publishing time). As for accommodations, we were already going through the last picks for places that checked all of our boxes (i.e. sleeps 8-10, with a private pool, within 5 miles of the festival grounds). Four of my friends and I decided to pull the trigger and secure it, since we’d most likely be able to fill the last few spots later on.

All that remained was the actual ticket.

I tossed and turned nervously in the nights leading up to the general sale, nightmares of interrupted wi-fi connections, crashing computers, and ominous webpages declaring “Sold Out!” marring my sleep. I checked out of work for lunch on the big day, setting up my personal laptop next to my desktop computer like a battlestation, ready to pounce.

And, after waiting with bated breath for close to an hour, I was able to secure a ticket for Coachella 2016. All that comes now is…the shopping.

I was so excited last night (the sale was only yesterday) that I asked my friend if I could start packing yet. Visions of delicate gold headpieces and sheer bohemian dresses danced in my head. I hit my favourite sites and, after a few hours of browsing on the couch with my fuzzy canine companion snuggled up next to me, I selected some of my top picks. All prices are in CAD$.


Flower Swing Dress (For Love and Lemons, $193)

Equal parts short and sweet.

For Love and Lemons Flower Swing Dress

Hunter Playsuit (Mura Boutique, $58)

Simple, summery, and the perfect base for accessorizing.

White playsuit

Breakthrough Marvel Comics Bandeau Top (CakeShopCouture on Etsy, $29)

For the Marvel nerd in me. Perfect with a pair of classic denim shorts (my favourites are the One Teaspoon Bonita Braves).

Marvel bandeau

Lavish Alice Great Lengths Bandeau Top (Nasty Gal, $96)

A little bit quirky, and adds some character to a traditional tube top. Make it casual with a pair of denim shorts.

Burgundy bandeau

Front and Center Ribbed Tee (Nasty Gal, $54)

Perfect for those of us less-than-blessed in the chest department (although I will be one of the first to tell you that the ability to go bra-less is the best).

White lace-up top

Watermelon Sarong (Lyloh, $69)

Doubles as a wrap, or an adorable beach/picnic blanket.

Watermelon sarong

Peyton Shirt (Brandy Melville, $38)

For me, the classic collared top will never go out of style. For Coachella, I’d pair this with my trusty old denim shorts, and add some personality with stacked rings and layered necklaces.

White collared shirt

Hats & Headwear

Felt Slouch Fedora (Urban Outfitters, $44)

Pretty and functional, for keeping the blinding desert sun out of your eyes.


Double Flower Girlhood Back Hair Chain (ASOS, $18)

A (more elegant) homage to the overdone floral crowns of music festivals past.

Flower headpiece

Johnny Loves Rosie Aisling Hair Piece (ASOS, $55)

Another alternative, for days you’re feeling more like a flower child.

Flowers headpiece

Oversized Flip Hair Clip (Urban Outfitters, $5)

Quirky-cute, and a throwback to the barrettes I used as a kid.

Oversized hair clip

Pearl Bun Pin (Urban Outfitters, $20)

Perfect for adding a touch of class to a messy bun, after a long day of festival-going,

Pearl bun pin

Hair Daisies (DIY! See how here.)

Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawn to daisies and the Woodstock-like vibe wearing them in your hair gives off.

DIY hair daisies


Daisy Metallic Ankle Boot (Vagabond, $190)

Fancy, but not too fancy for tromping around in the desert.

Gold ankle boots

Jakki Flat Sandals (Aldo, $65)

Flat for comfort, but pretty enough to add some bohemian vibes to an outfit.

Flat lace-up sandals


Quay Lana Sunglasses (Urban Outfitters, $59)

Classic aviators with a feline twist.

Cat eye sunglasses

The Shimmer Velvet Choker Necklace (Urban Outfitters, $24)

Channel your inner 90s babe with a classic choker-style necklace.


Mandarin Escape Hoop Earring (Urban Outfitters, $20)

Pretty floral engraving adds character to these simple hoops.

Patterned hoop earrings

Around The World Leather Watch (Urban Outfitters, $39)

I’m a sucker for anything with maps printed on them. This will also be handy for knowing when to meet friends at the designated meeting spot, since Coachella cell signal is so spotty (if not completely non-existent).

World map watch

Favorite Buckle Bracelet (Urban Outfitters, $14)

Simple and classic.

Buckle bracelet

On The Road Metal Cuff Bracelet Set (Urban Outfitters, $24)

Adds colour and character to any outfit.

Bracelet set

Don’t Worry Bee Happy Bracelet (Venessa Arizaga, $62)

Another homage to classic festival accessories, known as “kandi,” but decidedly less tacky. Alright, it’s still a little tacky, but you gotta have fun at the expense of looking silly sometimes.

Don't Worry Bee Happy bracelet

Delicate Wishes Ring (Urban Outfitters, $14)

Perfect stacked with a set of miscellaneous gold rings.

Wishbone ring


Itsy Bitsy Emoji Nail Decals (DopeDigits on Etsy, $13)

I, myself, am more of a neutral colours kind of girl…but if you don’t live it up for Coachella, then when? (Psst…they hit me up with a promo code after I checked them out. Use DOPEDISCOUNT for 15% off your first order!)

Emoji nail decals

Downtown Baby White Temporary Tattoo Kit (Dolls Kill, $21)

A new take on the typical flash/metallic tattoos.

White temporary tattoos

Henna Kit (Urban Outfitters, $29)

Indulge your artistic side, and decorate yourself for the week(end).

Henna kit

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