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Guest Blogging for Live Out There!

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So, recently, I was added to the roster of guest bloggers for the Calgary-based outdoor gear company Live Out There. I’ve been really excited at the prospect of going and doing more outdoorsy things, and being able to share photos and insight from these experiences.

Live Out There Calgary Guest Blogger Steph Keay

My guest blogger bio, courtesy of Kimmy Schmidt.

First up was an “outdoor cooking” adventure, where I endeavoured to make a camp-friendly pad thai dish. Despite having my doubts, the process was relatively painless and the recipe turned out great. Check out the full story—including the recipe and inspiration behind the dish—by clicking on the graphic to the Live Out There blog below!


The Live Out There Blog: “A Moveable Feast: Backcountry Pad Thai”

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the blog post—I’ll be over there checking out comments for the next few days. I’m happy to answer any questions, or even take suggestions for my next Live Out There adventure! As well, I’d like to thank the Live Out There team for giving local writers and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to contribute to their blog. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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