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In My Bag

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I’ve been wanting to do one of these for awhile, and I finally got around to it! I just dropped my parents off at the airport, the SO is at work for the night, and Netflix just released another bad holiday movie (even worse than A Christmas Prince!). I poured some equally as low-calibre wine to go with Christmas Inheritance, and upended my Soho. Check out all of my on-the-go must-haves below…

Criv sunglasses: I picked these up on sale at a super cute boutique my friend showed me in Los Altos. It reminded me a lot of the kinds of stores I would shop at back home—places that get a lot of random local and international brands like BrunetteShow Me Your Mumu, and Wildfox. These kind of make me look like a bug haha, but I love the pink reflective lenses, cat-eye shape, and just how extra they are. Perfect for brunch.

Maybelline Baby Lips balm: For everyday, I use this lip balm. It moisturizes without being sticky.

Moleskine pocket notebook: I usually jot down notes on my phone, but I’ve been trying to start a physical gratitude journal where I list three things I’m thankful for every morning, and one good thing about something I might be feeling negatively about. Retrain yo’ brain! I picked up this limited edition Star Wars one a few years ago.

Museum of Ice Cream key tag: I got this when I went to the Amex Platinum Opening Day of Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco in September. One of my lucky numbers is 8!

Do Not Remove Before Flight key tag: One of my friends (Hi Ryan!) got this for me several years ago—it’s getting pretty raggedy now. He got one when he was working at WestJet and I thought it looked so cool, so I begged him to find me one too haha. After it appeared on the Alpha Industries bomber, it seems like they’re everywhere! I have an OWSLA version of this too, which I picked up at their pop-up shop in LA after Coachella.

Refillable perfume atomizer: I think I got the atomizer itself from Daiso (love that place!), and the perfume inside is CB I Hate Perfume #101: At the Beach 1966.

Glossier Balm Dotcom skin and lip salve: For a little more help, I’ll reach for this over the Baby Lips. It’s just like the original and beloved balm dotcom, but this version has sparkles and smells like vanilla cake. Yum.

Tonymoly pocket bunny mist: I don’t like wearing makeup all day, but on the rare occasion I need to get ready way ahead of time (like for an event right after work), I like having a spray to rehydrate my skin. This one’s pretty light and doesn’t irritate my skin, and it has a nice fruity scent.

Herschel Supply Co. wallet: I splurged for the “pebble leather” version of their Raven Card Holder. It has a money clip on the back as well. It’s great if you only have a few cards you ever really use—mine’s a bit full now because I have my American and Canadian cards, plus a Sajj gift card (I am obsessed with this place) my lovely coworkers got me for my birthday, and a Starbucks card. I also have BART tickets, a Palo Alto library card (that I never signed up for but appeared in the mail…), Costco and Safeway cards, and a note from my SO that came with the first flowers he ever had delivered to me!

Dry shampoo: I’ve tried quite a few different dry shampoos and Batiste has always been my go-to! The tropical scent is my favorite.

Milk + Sass macaron hairbrush: With all this hair, it can get a little hard to control sometimes! I tend to just let it do its thing most of the time, or put it up in a bun when it gets too unruly, but this handy (and adorable!) compact is great when I need a quick comb-through.

Tonymoly banana hand cream: This smells just like fake banana flavor (or banana medicine, as my SO calls it). Call me weird, but I love this flavor/scent. I also couldn’t resist the adorable packaging, which looks just like a mini banana—tiny produce sticker and all! So creative.

BareMinerals compact: BareMinerals constantly discontinues all of my favorite products haha, including this “Flawless Face Case” portable compact. This one is totally beat up and worn out (one hinge broke and is being held together with tape!) but I managed to track down another one on eBay that was completely new—I think it cost even less than the original did when they were still selling them in-store too! I also use their highlighter and bronzer, both of which have been discontinued 🙁

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