Announcing the launch of my new website (at last)

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I recently decided that I wanted to create a portfolio website for my writing, photography, and art endeavors. It’s been a year of big change and personal growth; of rediscovering myself and branching out in ways I haven’t in a long time. I’m happy to announce that I’ve begun to delve into my more creative side, and that it’s been coming up roses!

After buckling down to complete the website last weekend (and nitpicking every last bug to death over this past week), I’m officially ready to take it live today. Although I may revisit The Keay personal blog concept in the future, I’m currently more focused on my professional writing, and hope that will become the new hub for all of my stories/articles, galleries, and other news and updates (including the continuation of my “Sunday Best” blog series).

Check it out at

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    Sunday Best: July 28, 2019